With thanks again for saving our holiday

To all the guys at Medicotech

Thank you so very much for the trouble you took to get the part for our son’s exercise bike out to us (in the middle of rural France) so promptly and without fuss. It was very kind and efficient. How nice to know that the after sales service is as good as the product.

It is my observation that my son, who has severe spastic quadriplegia, is helped immeasurably by daily and prolonged use of the THERA-Trainer. First – and most importantly – his painful spasms are reduced by almost 100%. In the past, his panicky reactions to the onset of a spasm convinced carers that he must be epileptic!

His reduced tone means that he can perform other functions (eating, drinking, communicating, moving his arm voluntarily) more easily. His feet feel less cold. His bowel function has greatly improved. All in all, it has made more difference than any physiotherapy sessions. We have set up a corner where he has his own music and he really enjoys his therapy.

With thanks again for saving our holiday

Mrs A T