Group Gaming Feedback report from BEDFORD MS

Therapy Centre logoAt the Bedford MS Therapy Centre we have 3 Thera bikes linked to the new computer software. I run approximately 20 sessions per day on these bikes. The different activities have proved to be a great success, providing a greater learning experience (other than just plain cycling) and added a fun element to the sessions. The bikes have also had the backing and approval from our physiotherapists, who encourage our clients to use specific exercises according to their needs.
Although we do allow 2/3 clients to use the programmes together we do not tend to encourage the fact that they are competing with each other, with so many differences between clients it is not always a good idea, no client should compare their capabilities to another. It has certainly added extra enthusiasm to the gym sessions and the majority of clients take an interest in the graphs that are produced.
The helicopter gaming is the most popular, the cars and hedgehog programmes on the original software a close second. When clients are not having such a good day and the gaming becomes too much effort they are more than happy to sit and cycle the scenic routes, making their session more enjoyable and relaxed.
In summary, more variety of exercises rather than competition gaming is what best suits our clients’ needs. It has certainly made exercising more enjoyable and the results have been fantastic. There is, by far, a marked improvement in results for clients using the Thera bikes.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to use the software.
Linda Richardson. Gym Technician. Beds and Northants MS Therapy Centre.