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Medicotech THERA-Trainer

I have purchased this equipment solely for my own use in order to reduce and minimise the need for and cost of visits to my private physiotherapist and to hold the deterioration in my stamina and muscle function and degeneration, and improve my circulation.

My condition of Post Polio Syndrome is a degenerative condition which can ultimately result in total loss of function of the entire muscular-skeletal system and confinement to a wheelchair. I have been following a regular programme of exercise and diet as recommended by my G.P. and private physiotherapist, and have been advised that this is the best way to slow the deterioration. Even after just a few weeks, the inclusion of the TheraTrainer has proved itself by adding to the benefits I receive from my physiotherapy exercise programme.

The THERA-Trainer was supplied, delivered and fully installed by the Medicotech team, who provided full training in its proper and safe use, My use of this equipment has been approved by my physiotherapist.
S Henderson, Hertfordshire