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Sleek and simple

Here was a beautifully sleek and simple piece of equipment that I could use entirely on my own.

I first came across Medicotech at the Kemble Mobility Roadshow where I spotted a piece of equipment I instantly knew I had to have: the THERA-Trainer. Following a spinal injury, rehab and physiotherapy have been part of my life for 20 years. Here was a beautifully sleek and simple piece of equipment that I could use entirely on my own, exercising passively if I felt tired or actively if I wanted a good work-out. Moreover it had calf supports to steady the knees and flexible, rocking footplates that gently worked the feet as you pedalled. Minimal fuss in the monitor display unit - I don't need to see landscapes passing me by, I prefer to listen to music, watch television or learn a language as I pedal away.

The service from this company is first-rate. They respond quickly and sympathetically if you have a problem, and go out of their way to give you a demonstration at home, whereby assess your needs fairly. Spare parts, if needed, are readily available and delivered from Germany swiftly. As it's a small company there's the personal touch - you feel there is instant rapport to the staff, who value your custom.

Three months after purchasing my THERA-Trainer, I took a fall and ended up in hospital with a spiral fracture of the tibia. A metal rod was inserted and I was told to mobilise as much as possible straightaway. The THERA-Trainer seemed heaven-sent at that time, and I use it regularly, forwards and backwards, to keep active feelings flowing in the legs. It shows me whether one leg is working harder than the other and I can see clearly and simply whether I'm improving my strength. I'm very grateful I bumped into Medicotech when I did and I shall be watching out for their new offers!
Marion O’Dowd, Spinal Injury, Gloucestershire