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Real 9100 plus EL - Therapy Chair

REAL 9100 PLUS EL is an ergonomic, modular chair, and therefore easy to prescribe for individual requirements - it can be tailored to suit your needs. It has been designed to be used in an active environment for people to become more independent with a focus on ergonomic seating.

A modern working/special chair must offer supreme functionality, quality, ensure good ergonomics and look modern.

The REAL 9100 PLUS EL does it all.

This therapy chair is developed and manufactured in Sweden, and all its components are made using modern machinery. Stringent quality standards guarantees many years of usage.

Real9000You need a reliable chair that can assist you in any situation.

For that, you need outstanding function and quality. The chair has to be comfortable and also ensure that you sit in an ergonomically correct position. The castors have to move freely and the brake has to be reliable so the chair remains securely in position when you stand up. At the same time the chairs functions has to be easily adjustable. The chair has to work in any situation.

The real 9100 plus EL has ergonomically designed hand controls so that the functions of the chair can be controlled with ease.

The controls are readily accessible and easy to grip and they have clear symbols showing the intended function. The design of the seat, backrest and armrest, together with the adjustable angle of the seat and back, allows the user to select an ergonomically correct position according to their needs. This means the body does not have to be under constant strain, and the user avoids injuries to muscles and skeleton

Real 9000

  • The REAL 9100 is specifically beneficial when actively using the Thera Trainers Exercise Equipment, for anyone who has limited mobility yet not using a wheelchair. The stability and ease of movement is provided by having a welded frame with 360° castors and a safe and easy to use brake system. The frame is small yet still offers plenty of room for the feet
  • The REAL 9100 is electronically height adjustable, and with a tilting chair mechanism the patient is assisted when returning to a standing position. A manual option is also available with a secure breaking system being standard in all models.
  • The many features of this range of chairs provides an adaptable chair when you are in a multi-user situation such as a Rehabilitation or Physiotherapy Gym which can be adjusted to suit each individual patient in a matter of seconds.

Real 9000What are the benefits of using the REAL 9100 chair?

  • Provides stability when using the Thera Trainers exercise equipment.
  • Allows the user to move towards the static exercise equipment with ease.
  • Assists the user to return to a standing position following exercise.
  • Provides a safe and comfortable seating position before/during and after exercise.
  • Allows the user to alter their seating position and height to accommodate any situation in the home eg dining, relaxing, exercising, reaching high objects etc.

Real 9000REAL 9100 PLUS EL

  • Electric Actuator
  • Seat angle (crank or gas-spring)
  • Seat width 40 – 48 cm
  • Seat depth 39 – 48 am
  • Back rest width 33 – 46cm
  • Back rest height 34 – 43 cm
  • Back rest mechanism (Standard, Medic or Comfort)
  • Armrest in black skai (35, 30 or 25 cm)
  • Seat height (45 – 65 or 40 – 54 cm)
  • Castors (100mm XL, SL or BS castors)
  • Brake Lever (35, 45cm or electric)
  • User weight up to 150kg
  • Upholstery in plush.

Real 9000REAL 9100 PLUS EL is an ergonomic, modular chair, and therefore easy to prescribe for individual requirements - it can be tailored to suit your needs.

For price and further information on this product, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

We offer a free no obligation demonstration at your home or centre by a qualified and experienced sales advisor, or you can come and visit us at our showroom in Milton Keynes and view the full range. Try it before you buy it!