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The end effector gait trainer offers intensive gait training at the performance limit in each phase of rehabilitation. That’s how THERA-Trainer Lyra creates the best routines to help users find their way back into a self-determined daily life and offer them best chances to regain their walking ability

Effective - Easy - Affordable

The easy handling and the fast transfer make the use economically interesting for the therapist in daily use. Without the complication of having to put on an exoskeleton, minimal preparation times and a higher patient throughput can be achieved with comparatively low procurement and operating costs.

THERA-Trainer Lyra is also the world’s only gait trainer with connectivity functions which allow all training data and logs to be sent directly to the therapist’s smartphone or tablet. The therapist can access these easily and start to analyse the training session there and then or transmit them electronically to the treating physician.



Lyra: : End effector gait trainer, ready-to-use. For effective gait rehabilitation based on current scientific findings incl.

  • touch screen with software
  • plate binding S/M
  • stepless speed adjustment 0 - 4 km/h
  • step length adjustment 39 - 67 cm
  • body weight support dynamic 0 - 60 kg
  • body weight support static up to 150 kg
  • power consumption 230 V
  • The fastest Gait Trainer
  • Back into a self-determined daily life 
    At 4 km/h and 100 steps per minute, THERA-Trainer Lyra is also the fastest end effector gait trainer on the market. No other gait trainer comes close to matching this speed. THERA-Trainer Lyra gets patients back to living life their way, easily making it all the way across the road when the pedestrian light is green.
  • Easiest Handling
    All patient-related settings need only a few intuitive steps. New staff can be trained and certified to use the THERA-Trainer Lyra within half an hour.
  • Minimal setup- and training time
    The stride length, handrail height and body weight support can be adjusted to the needs of the patient in three simple steps. The direct ground-level access means even the most severely affected patients can be transferred very easily and quickly. This facilitates maximum use of the expensive therapy time for active training and minimizes the setup time. Once Lyra has been prepared for the patient, all important training parameters are shown on the touch screen display and can be simply adjusted at the touch of a finger. This makes Lyra extremely user-friendly.


  • Stroke
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Amputee
  • Brain Injury
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Incomplete Spinal Injury
  • Parkinsons
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Ataxia
  • Many other neurological conditions


Important therapy goals

  • Regaining walking ability
  • Increasing gait speed
  • Improving endurance
  • Improving the gait pattern



L x W x H – 250 cm x 190 cm x 260 cm (closed) 
 L x W x H – 250 cm x 240 cm x 260 cm (open wing)

Minimum Ceiling Height

270 cm


ca. 570 kg

Power Consumption

230 V, single phase

Drive Motor

Servo motors

Power Input

230 V, 50 - 60 Hz, 3.15 A

Noise emission

LpA > 59 dB (A)

Permitted Body Height

100 – 195 cm

Permitted Body Weight

max. 150 kg

Body Weight Support

0,10 – 60 kg (dynamic) | 0 – 150 kg (static)

Handrail Height

82 - 106 cm


39 – 67 cm in 4 cm-steps


0 – 4 km (stepless)


All THERA-Trainers meet the following safety standards:

  • CE conformity following 93/42/EEC
  • Certified quality management system following DIN EN 13485
  • Electromagnetic compatibility following DIN EN 60601-1

Interactive biofeedback 
The interactive biofeedback is an algorithm capable of analysing a patient‘s individual activity level and adjusting training intensity accordingly.

Support Bundle THERA-Trainer lyra
The support bundle provides additional pelvic stabilisation and helps severly affected patients maintain an upright posture. The additional modular stabilisation can be easily adjusted to the patient‘s motor capacities. The support bundle contains the pelvic support and dynamic pelvic stabilisation.

Flex Bundle
The flex bundle contains the key training accessories. Harness systems and plate bindings in various sizes provide everything needed to train. The flex bundle contains plate binding L and harness systems S - XL.

Paediatrics Bundle
The paediatrics bundle provides the ideal training condition for children who are at least 100 cm tall. The paediatrics accessories can be mounted and removed in an instant, a key factor given the demanding and versatile nature of training sessions at a children‘s clinic. The paediatrics bundle contains: paediatric plate binding, paediatric handrails and harness systems XXS - S.

Dynamic Pelvic Stabilisation
Dynamic pelvic support with its six different fixation points facilitates versatile, flexible pelvic control. The dynamic pelvic stabilisation also helps target and improve the centre of gravity. The pelvic stabili-sation system is used on a modular basis. Pelvic Support

The pelvic support provides individually adjustable posterior pelvic stabilisation and helps the patient maintain an upright posture. This can also be used to influence the centre of gravity of patients who are unsteady on their feet.

Plate Binding Size S/M/L/Paediatrics
Thanks to its unique removable plate binding system THERA-Trainer lyra can be easily adapted to all shoe sizes, taking the individual step width into account. This means that the unique physiological gait pattern can be adjusted to patients of any size in seconds.

Paediatric Handrails
The paediatric handrails can simply be mounted to the existing handrails. They can be safely and comfortably gripped by children and teenagers who are at least 100 cm tall.

More accessories

  • Harness systems XXS - XL
  • Carabiner suspension extension


THERA-Trainer Lyra: The new dimension in Gait Training

For price and further information on this therapy exercise equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific needs on 01908-564100.